Team 4099’s Business Team is the subteam that has the most responsibility assigned to it. This group is responsible for fundraising to meet the team’s budget, organizing outreach events, organizing for awards, PR, and social media. For this reason, the Business Team is divided into many different groups who perform each of these tasks.

During the offseason, the Business Team primarily focuses on fundraising. This includes contacting local and national companies, as well as grant writing. This is crucial for the rerst of the subteams to be able to function – offseason projects, competition registration, and part replenishment all depend on the Business Team fundraising to the budget.

During the summer, the business team is also responsible for coordinating the RoboCamps. This includes reserving the space in which they will be hosted, advertising, and ordering any materials needed for the camps.

During the build season, the business team is mainly focused on public relations and outreach. This means managing the social media pages for the team, reaching out to local news media, and contacting local teams to build long-term partnerships.