The Design Team is responsible for conceptualizing the team’s robot design for the year. Additionally, the design team works on integrating each subsystem of the robot to make sure that everything works together as expected. Finally, this subteam works on CADing any non-robot parts that the team needs built – a driver station, pit parts, etc.

During the offseason, the design team practices CADing various different components that may be needed for the upcoming season – gearboxes, ball shooters, drivetrains, and more. This gives the students practice not only on learning how to design these specific mechanisms, but also on CAD best practices, in order to ensure maximum productivity through the time-limited build season.

During the build season, the design team is focused on CADing all of the mechanisms that will be used on the robot. They determine measurements and specifications from prototypes, then put everything together in the CAD model to ensure fit and make sure that everything works as expected.