An Overview Of RoboCamps

At RoboCamps, students will learn and develop math, engineering, and computer science skills through a week-long robotics experience in which they work to design, build, and program a robot. The camp takes students through the VEX IQ challenge, a game-based engineering challenge, culminating in an interactive competition in which students put their creations to the test. In addition to developing classroom STEM concepts, students also learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, and communication.

The camp will be held for students ages 8 to 14 (must be this age by the beginning of their session). Students will work in teams of two to build a robot to accomplish the specified challenge. Team 4099 will have their students on site as camp counselors who will teach and assist the students.

Who We Are

Team 4099 is a World Championship attending FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team based out of Poolesville High School. We apply our knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to build a robot for a challenge given by the FIRST Robotics Competition. Students not only partake in the competition aspect of the team, but also focus on spreading STEM and robotics awareness in their communities. Team 4099 strives to create an inclusive learning community where students can learn and apply their knowledge in STEM to real-world problems.

Logistics and Sign Up

Sessions and Registration

To register, go to the appropriate link to pay. After payment, you will be redirected to a Google Form to sign your camper up!

Payment Links

As of now, all sessions of RoboCamps are closed until the Spring of 2020. Please check back then for new changes. There will be Beginner and Advanced Sessions offered in July through August.

Time: Monday-Friday, 9AM - 3PM

Location: Check back in the Spring of 2020 for locations. Locations will most likely be at a school in the Clarksburg area.

Cost: $325. For each person that you refer to our camps who signs up, the person who referred will get $20 back.

If a camper attends more than one session a year, they will get a 50% off every session after the first one they signed up for.


Please fill out these forms prior to attending RoboCamps. You may email them to, or print them and bring them in on the first day of camp.

Authorized Sign-in/Sign-out Form (required):

Emergency Procedures Form (required):

Emergency Medical Information Form (required): medical-robocamps

Media Consent Form (if allowing):


Monday: Build/Modify robot and test

Tuesday: Coding and Autonomous

Wednesday: Learn about sensors

Thursday: Get ready for Competition

Friday: Compete in VEX IQ Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I register?

A: You can register at the links above. Choose the link for the session you want to register for. Once you pay you will be redirected to a Google Form to enter information about your child.You are required to fill the Google Form out. Be sure to fill out the emergency medical information form and the media consent form (if applicable)!

Q: My child has no experience with robotics. Can they still participate?

A: Yes! Our camp is geared towards students of all ages and all experience levels. No previous robotics or coding experience is required.

Q: What age groups are eligible for RoboCamps?

A: Our camps will be open to all students ages 8 to 14 (by the start of their session).

Q: Where will the camps be held?

A: Check back in Spring 2020 for specific locations, it will most likely be at a school in the Clarksburg area.

Q: What is the cost of one week of RoboCamps?

A: The cost to attend one week of RoboCamps is $325. For each student you refer, you will receive a $20 discount if they also sign up. The price includes the cost of a camper shirt. If a camper signs up for more than one session per year, every session after the first sessions attended will have a 50% discount.

Q: Is there a waitlist?

A: Yes. You will automatically be placed on the waitlist if the session you have signed up for is full. We will email you if any spots open up.

Q: Is there a deadline to register?

A: Yes. You must register two days before the start date of your session. If there are not enough students registered by then, we will cancel that session (a full refund will be provided for anyone registered prior to then).

Q: Is lunch provided for the students?

A: Lunch will not be provided except for on Friday when we will be ordering pizza for everyone. If the student cannot eat pizza, please let us know a few days in advance. Students should bring a packed lunch on all other days for them to eat during the allotted lunch time.

Q: How many students are in each session?

A: Each session will have at maximum 24 students. The actual amount of students will vary per session. Students will be paired randomly with another student and work together to build their robot.

Q: Who are the camp instructors?

A: The camp instructors will consist of adult mentors as well as student members of Team 4099. All instructors have experience in the FIRST Robotics Competition as well as VEX IQ.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Full refunds will be offered until one week after your registration date. Half refunds will be offered until two weeks after. Refunds will only be offered if the camper has not attended the session at the time of request.

Q: Do the students take the robots home?

A: No, the kits that the students use to build the robots will be needed for the other sessions.

Q: What is the difference between the Beginner and Advanced Sessions? Which one should I sign my camper up for?

A: The Advanced Session will be of the same format, but will pose a much harder challenge and encourage more creativity on the camper's part. We will go deeper into concepts and teach more complex concepts as well. If your child has had robotics experience, we reccomend the Advanced Sessions. If you don't know which one to sign up for, feel free to send us an email.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at!