Team 4099 Blog

The day-to-day activities of Team 4099.

Workday 2/5/19

Mechanical continued to assemble drivetrain and started assembling cargo and hatch panel intakes. We ran into some clipping issues but worked with the Design team to fix it.
Design adjusted the intake geometry and added limit switches to the elevator.
Business continued to work on the Chairman’s Award video and essays.
Programming got vision assisted aiming to work. We worked on calculating encoder values and using network tables to communicate between the driver dashboard and the robot.

Workday 2/4/19

Programming worked on developing a procedure for tuning PID values, determining encoder conversions, and worked on communication with the driver dashboard. We also tried to test vision.
Electrical worked on the board and made sure CAN worked. We also worked with the new compressor, PDP and Neos/Spark Maxes.
Fabrication worked to finish the intake for the robot by putting the hubs into the rollers and the bearings into the side of the shafts.
Business continued to work on executive summaries and the video.

Workday 1/24/19

Mechanical worked on another iteration of the cargo intake based on CAD and tested the hatch panel intake at different angles. We also changed the velcro, continued putting pancake cylinders on the gearboxes, and started riveting the practice bot drivetrain together.
Electrical wired up the batteries and tried to 3D print a case for the radio while also trying to finish the CAD of the electrical board.
Design worked on finishing adjustments of the geometries of the gripper and hatch panel grabber. We’re also working on mounting it all on the full robot assembly.
Business continued to work on the video for the Chairman’s Award. We still need to get interviews with our sponsor.

Workday 1/22/19

Electrical got the pneumatic manifold working and began working on adding wires to the new competition batteries ordered this year. Also, the electrical board CAD is close to being done, so in the next few days we will be able to begin work on wiring the robots.
Mechanical continued prototyping and building gearboxes today. We also continued to make machine parts for drivetrain so we can powdercoat and assemble by the end of this week. Cargo intake successfully went into last year’s intake as a proof of concept.
Business is still working on executive summaries and the animation for the Chairman’s Award.
Programming finished code for LEDs, and continued work on vision.

Workday 1/18/19

Programming fixed code to get the pneumatic pistons finished, and helped electrical test the pistons with the hatch panel intake.
Mechanical finished climber prototype and gripper (will test both tomorrow), and started testing hatch panel intake (wasn’t successful).
Electrical worked on finishing pneumatics and testing the manifolds. They also tested the hatch panel pistons and worked with motors.

Workday 1/16/19

Design almost finished the mecanum intake (cylinder mounting remaining). They almost finished pocketing the bellypan (need to add mounting holes for compressor and other electronics), and made progress on elevator bearings.
Mechanical continued to prototype the climber and hatch panel intake.
Programming still working on fixing code. A team member was working on trying to get info from the roborio for the Arduino to make the LEDs have different colors for different actions. A different team member got vision to align the drivetrain with the target, to some extent.
Business continued to work on the executive summaries and the video for the Chairman’s Award.

Workday 1/15/19

Mechanical continued prototyping.
Programming got stuck on things regarding vision. They figured out how to get over it by taking the time to comprehend what the documentation for limelight was saying… one of our mentors also helped them understand how to do the code for it. One of our team leads reviewed code and everyone who had to fix their code did so. A co-team lead was sick so he “called in” and was working on paths for the new game. They also worked on LEDs and using the Arduino to program them.
After submitting the Showbest Fixtures grant on Monday, Business has now started working on the executive summaries for Chairman’s. Work continues on for the Chairman’s essay and video.
Electrical worked on finalizing the testing board. They got all of the pneumatics working and now need to test it with the driver station. They also got a new RSL working.

Workday 1/14/19

Design updated the drivetrain and gripper. They’re working on finishing the elevator structure tonight.
Business discussed the next Girl Scouts event and the executive summaries, as well as other items that need to be completed for awards.

Climber meeting 1/12/19

People who attended today’s meeting brainstormed ideas for the climber. However, due to the snow, they weren’t able to stay as long as they hoped.

Workday 1/11/19

Mechanical continued to prototype subsystems.
Programming started working on the superstructure and fixed issues regarding Gradle.
Electrical worked on the board and fastened all the components. We also worked on the pneumatics system and RSL.
Business finished the Showbest Fixtures grant, now ready to be submitted.